Microsoft Surface Phone, the highly rumoured phone from Microsoft that goes by the codename ‘Andromeda’ might just be the thing that the company requires to take down the Galaxy Fold.

With the announce of Galaxy Fold, Samsung has brought the market of Foldable phones back on track. Other companies are seemingly lining up to announce their foldable devices too.

Microsoft has been working on a new Foldable device called as Microsoft’s Surface Phone Andromeda. Similar to the Surface devices, it can really give a tough competition to other foldable phones.

Microsoft’s Surface Phone Andromeda: What we Know So Far?

Microsoft Surface Andromeda

There have been various reports suggesting that Microsoft has worked on a foldable Surface Phone by the name Surface Andromeda. The PC part runs on the Windows Core OS, while the mobile runs on Santorini OS.

There have been no official statements from Microsoft, but leaks suggest that it is primarily a Windows computer which can be folded down into a smartphone.

Microsoft never launched Andromeda as it seemed too risky at that time. There is no specific user market for Foldable phones, which makes the marketing strategy a headache for the Company.

Microsoft’s Surface Andromeda vs Other Foldable Devices

Surface Andromeda vs other phones

Samsung Galaxy Fold, Huawei Mate X, Xiaomi Duel Flex and other foldable phones are about to enter the market soon. While rumors suggest that Apple, Google, and Motorola are also working on foldable devices.

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What makes Microsoft superior over all other companies is that both the hardware and software of Surface Phone Andromeda are designed for a PC. Hence when used as a mobile, it will give great performance and smooth user experience.

While other devices are designed primarily as a smartphone and will have more load when used as a tablet. It will affect the overall experience and the devices can lag when provided an extra load.

Microsoft is growing at a huge rate, it has logged various patents over the last year, which will make it Win the Market War for Foldable phones.

Issues faced by Foldable Phones

Foldable phone problems

The biggest challenged faced by foldable phone makers is that there is no specific market for the devices. It sounds great that a tablet can be folded into a phone, but what is the use of it?

The selling point of foldable phones is that it becomes large, which isn’t strong enough. Also, the high cost makes the user think twice before buying such phones. Why not buy a tablet and phone separately at less price?

Future of Foldable Phones

Future of Foldable phones

With changing trends in the smartphone industry, Foldable phones will soon make their place. It is the perfect time for Microsoft to launch Surface Phone Andromeda and make a striking move.

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The day might be near when Foldable devices become common and traditional phones and tablets are outdated. Stay tuned to Hiptoro for more Foldable phones updates and other news.