MWC always delivers a lot of news. While this year is turning into something a bit different, as companies start to prepare their iteration of the future of mobile phones. From 5G to incredible designs, this year’s MWC 2019 will not just be packed with updates and news, it will also be very exciting.

MWC 2019 : 5G V50 ThinQ and LG8 ThinQ

5G V50 ThinQ and LG8 ThinQ

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LG is among the manufacturers that still reserves its announcements for the MWC 2019. This suggests that LG will reveal the G8 ThinQ, a device that’ll be an appropriate answer to the new Galaxy S10. While Samsung S10 has 3 cameras, G8 ThinQ will have only two. It’s powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855 processors that are both 5G and AI ready.

G8 ThinQ will also give gesture control to users. Thanks to an LG tease, we know that users may be able to interact with the device without actually having to touch it.

Very little is known about it but it’s certain that this will get plenty of stage time. A Crystal Sound OLED display is also teased by LG, which is the same tech that we’ve seen previously in Sony’s TV. LG promises to improve the audio quality, giving more volume and some enhanced quality.

Like other big guns in the business, LG will also give way to the V50 ThinQ, as the first 5G model by LG. 5G is going to be a huge factor in this MWC, and more details on the V50 ThinQ should roll out at the MWC.

MWC 2019 : Sony Xperia Phones

MWC- All Sony Phones

Sony may be a bit reserved but this year seems promising and different for the company at the MWC. Rumours reveal that Sony is working on multiple phones with 21:9 displays. Devices like 6.5 inch Xperia 10 Plus and a bit smaller (5.9 inch) Xperia 10 will seem bigger in your hand.

These devices will also give an enhanced Cinematic experience for all the TV shows and films. Moreover, Xperia 10 will function on Snapdragon 630 processor. On the other hand, Xperia 10 Plus shall run on Snapdragon 660.

We may also see Sony revealing the 6.5 inch XZ4 triple-camera this year at MWC 2019.

MWC 2019 : Microsoft HoloLens 2

MWC- HoloLens 2 and Microsoft

When there was an MWC 2019 invite for Microsoft, it caught many by surprise. Microsoft is out of the smartphone business, but the products by the company are still largely in play.

MWC may reveal a new HoloLens headset which was announced by Microsoft in 2015. We don’t know much about HoloLens 2 except it will be powered by Qualcomm’s XR1 processor. It’s high-quality with 3D and 4K video elements.

MWC: Foldable Phones

MWC: Foldable Phones

We can’t really say much about Motorola’s foldable Phones and we know what Samsung’s design looks like. LG also plans to drop one of their own and it’s unclear if MWC will see a revelation by LG. Another design was teased by Xiaomi and its design is among the most unique we’ve seen so far.

Oppo hasn’t been shy either about their designs. The only foldable phone that’s sure to be seen at MWC 2019 is going to be by Huawei.

MWC: Nokia 9’s five tears cameras

MWC- Nokia 9

We’ve seen leaked pictures of Nokia 9. It has five rear cameras. No official announcement has been made yet but we’d love to know how the device will function and how many cameras will it have as a single unit.

For HMD, it’s not going to just Nokia 9. We might get to see some low budget Phones too at this year’s MWC.

MWC: Best of the rest

5G is going to the centre of discussion at the MWC this year. OnePlus will focus on 5G smartphones. HTC will be primed to bring up its Exodus phone. Motorola has the new G7 lineup and may also reveal its RAZR-inspired foldable phone at the MWC.

Huawei is going through a lot of concerns, in terms of security and legal accusations but it’s safe to assume that the company will discuss 5G too. The P30 series will not be debuting at the MWC and will be unveiled later in March.