Privacy Policy

Hiptoro’s Corporate Ownership and Editorial Independence

Hiptoro is a digital property fully owned and managed by Hiptoro Private Limited, a company registered at Veer Savarkar Block, Shakarpur Delhi, 201A, IIND Floor, Vikas Complex 37, East Delhi, NCR 110092, India. We also maintain a secondary base of operations at 340 S LEMON AVE #6717. WALNUT, CA 91789. Our dynamic and resilient team, well-acquainted with the remote work model, delivers quality content from the comfort of their homes across the globe.

At Hiptoro, our corporate ownership and editorial content are kept strictly separate, ensuring that the company’s ownership doesn’t influence or dictate the editorial team’s opinions, content objectives, topic selection, or voice. In addition to delivering high-quality content to our readers, Hiptoro extends its expertise in providing R&D services relating to digital marketing and e-commerce management to a wide range of international clients.

Sustainable Business Model Ensuring Editorial Integrity

Programmatic advertising platforms are our primary funding sources for maintaining website operations, paying editorial staff, and providing content. The Hiptoro editorial and Ad-Ops teams operate independently, without any interaction or influence over each other’s operations. Our senior editors strongly encourage the representation of all viewpoints and perspectives, ensuring our content’s objectivity and accuracy are uninfluenced by any single writer, editor, partner, or business division.

Responsible Use of Cookies

As part of our digital ecosystem, we may collect information using cookies or similar technologies when users interact with our websites and apps. We use cookies – small files downloaded to your device when you visit our website – to enhance your user experience, personalize content, and analyze our site traffic.

We believe in transparency and want to inform you about the types of cookies we use:

  • Service Cookies are essential for site functionality and a seamless user experience.
  • Analytics Cookies: They allow us to understand the overall user engagement on our site, helping us make data-driven business decisions.
  • Preference Cookies: These cookies remember your consent status to ensure a user-friendly experience on repeated site visits.
  • Advertising Cookies: These help us provide a superior ad experience by curating relevant ads and controlling their frequency. They also help us maintain the financial viability of our site. We use a tool called Google Double Click for this purpose.

Please note while we strive to provide a high-quality ad experience, the advertisements on our site may not necessarily align with the views of Hiptoro or Hiptoro Pvt. Ltd.

No Direct Sales Campaigns or Sponsorships

We uphold our commitment to our readers by ensuring no direct sales campaigns or sponsorships influence our content. Affiliate links are absent from Hiptoro, underlining our dedication to maintaining our content’s integrity and objectivity.

Relationships with Studios, Networks, and Partners

Our editorial team collaborates with studios, networks, and other industry partners to procure exclusive interviews, review products, and explore opportunities that contribute to creating informed, accurate, and engaging content. These collaborations are not monetarily compensated. We follow a comprehensive ethics policy that all our writers, editors, and contributors adhere to, which safeguards our editorial objectivity and assures our readers of unbiased, quality content.

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