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Hiptoro: Your Destination for Viral, Engaging Content Since 2017

Established in 2017, Hiptoro began its journey as a hub for viral content dedicated to showcasing the digital world’s intriguing, hilarious, and heartwarming aspects. Our mission is to serve as a beacon of positivity in an often challenging global climate, providing content that reminds our readers of the inherent goodness of humanity and the simple joy of our furry friends.

Hiptoro is committed to offering solace through engaging content in an era defined by mounting pressures and stress. Whether it’s a belly laugh instigated by a humorous piece or the warmth of a story that restores your faith in humanity, we aim to deliver moments of joy and reassurance to our readers.

A Testament to Hiptoro’s Impact and Reach

Our commitment to creating uplifting content has resonated profoundly with audiences worldwide. We have generated over 2 billion video views on Facebook alone. In a testament to our swift rise to prominence, Hiptoro found itself among the top 900 websites globally within just seven months of its inception in 2017, garnering over 150 million page views. Further cementing our reputation as a trustworthy news and entertainment source, we are recognized as news publishers by industry giants Google and Apple.

Our social media influence extends beyond our platform. As a media publisher on Facebook since 2014, we manage a portfolio of pages across various niches, boasting a robust community of over 6 million followers. Our reach is pervasive in the United States, engaging over 20 million people weekly.

Broadening our Expertise in Digital Marketing and E-commerce

Hiptoro has expanded its services to include research and development in digital marketing and e-commerce management, building on our digital content success. Leveraging our proficiency in online engagement and consumer behavior, we have partnered with clients abroad, managing several high-volume e-commerce ventures across the globe.

Following Google’s E-A-T principles, Hiptoro commits to providing Expert, Authoritative, and Trustworthy content, aiming to make a positive difference in the lives of our readers and followers. Our passion for creating engaging content and our dedication to transparency and authenticity drive our mission to uplift and inspire our global audience.


Jagrit Pratap Singh
Vikramaditya Garg
Arjit Singh
Chief Operating Officer
Kanishka Shekhar Singh
Akash Vedi
Editor In Chief

Hari Charan / Charlie

My interest in Pop Culture and Sports compelled me to find a way towards Entertainment journalism. I like reading, music, movies, animation, gaming and travelling. A huge football fan. Come on you Spurs!

Abhijeet Singh

Ambivert, Creative and Gossip Monger. Love streaming movies and web series. The pen will always be mightier than the sword

Prashant Chaudhary

I am a writer with a passion for technology and gaming. I write about a variety of subjects, including Esports, Games, Shows, and Sports. I create engaging and informative content for Hiptoro.

Pooja Mishra
Sr. Author

An avid reader, music-lover, and a huge Potterhead. My love for cinema, poetry, music, and travelling is what keeps me alive. I write content about entertainment, pop culture, travel, and sports. Stay tuned for the journey!