Surface Phone Launch

Microsoft Surface phone’s existence has been rumored for over 5 years now. However, with very little official information from Microsoft or Nokia, it does beg the question. When will the Microsoft phone release?

Back in 2014, Microsoft purchased Nokia with an intention to catapult its presence in the mobile hardware market with the help of the reputation of Nokia.

Its failure is well known to the mobile market and Microsoft sold Nokia to HMD. Even though Microsoft holds more than 90% of the PC market, the phone industry is still out of its reach.

Project Andromeda (a.k.a Microsoft Surface Phone) have surfaced in patent filing leaks and if the leaked internal email is to be believed Microsoft might be making a comeback into the industry.

Microsoft Surface Phone,Project Andromeda

The abbreviation AND may refer to “Adaptive notebook device” since it can adapt to any situation.

Microsoft Surface Phone: What is so special about it?

The Surface Phone is suggested in leaks as a fully fledged tablet and phone which can blur the line between phone and PC.

From the looks of design renders it is going to compete with the recently launched Galaxy FOLD, MATE X and soon to be launched phones from Xiaomi and Motorola.

According to the older patent filing, another half of the Surface Phone consisted of a keyboard.

Project Andromeda, Microsoft Surface Phone

One thing that can give an edge to Surface Phone is that it is supposed to be running a fully fledged Windows, not a cut-down version as suggested in earlier leaks and rumors.

The device is very highly likely to ship with a stylus similar to what we have seen with the Note series of Samsung.

Price for Microsoft’s phone

All things discussed are pure speculation and rumors and we cannot articulate an exact price of the device.

But the cost will be within the range of $1900 t0 $3000 based on the prices of similar products.

Surface Phone release date

If Microsoft tech collaborator is to be believed the Microsoft Surface Phone can land in the year 2019 but Microsoft has not made any official announcement.

Microsoft Surface Phone: Final thoughts

With the launch of a similar product in the market now is the high time for Microsoft to launch the Surface Phone and redeem its failure.