Microsoft Surface Phone Release Date

Microsoft Surface Phone, also known as Project Andromeda has been speculated for quite some time now. Year after year, we hear details about the phone – but the plans never seem to turn into a reality. As Q1 2019 races to an end, let us take a look at the possibility of the phone launching this year.

Will The Surface Phone release in 2019?

Microsoft Surface Phone OS
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Microsoft has not made any official comments about any such device. However, even if the company were to launch it, they are likely to keep it hushed up. Considering that the phone comes out this year, Microsoft is likely to release it in October 2019.

This will be at its annual hardware event, where the company will also launch the gen-next Surface Pro 7. A Microsoft-branded Surface smartphone could work in the company’s favour similar to how Google Pixel has worked out for Google! However, these are the problems the phone faces:

Microsoft Surface Phone Windows 10 Mobile OS
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Problems Microsoft Surface Phone is Facing

The biggest problem that Project Andromeda (Microsoft Surface Phone) currently faces is about the OS. The Windows 10 Mobile OS was a complete disaster as it got drubbed by Android and iOS, failing to capture even 1% of the total smartphone markets towards the end.

Microsoft Surface Phone Andromeda
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Microsoft has pulled the plug from their mobile OS. Furthermore, the company also sold off the rights of Nokia to HMD Global. This spells more trouble for Microsoft as the company has never really created a smartphone in the past.