Microsoft Surface Phone Specs

Microsoft Surface Phone has been rumored for about 5 years now. While some rumours are totally baseless and seem unplausible, few of them are just too juicy to ignore.

If recent reports are to be believed, the company might be making a return to the smartphone markets with the Microsoft Surface Phone.

Microsoft tried its hand in the smartphone markets with the Windows Mobile OS and the Nokia-branded Windows phones. However, it’s market share dwindled to less than 1% and Microsoft eventually bowed out.

Microsoft Surface Phone foldable display
Image: Inquirer

Microsoft’s hardware ventures, especially their efforts towards creating a smartphone have mostly been dud. With the Surface Phone, however, comes a renewed spirit. Here’s a closer look:

Microsoft Surface Phone to Feature Foldable Display? 

Foldable phones are the hottest trend in the markets these days. Microsoft might want to cash-in on the trend and introduce a foldable display on the phone. Earlier this year, Samsung and Huawei launched their foldable smartphones.

Microsoft Surface Phone Release Date
Image Forbes

Adding a foldable display on the Microsoft Surface Phone would have a two-fold benefit. Users would be able to use it as a phone as well as a tablet! However, the intriguing question here is of the OS! What Operating System would this phone run on? Is Microsoft planning on reviving the Windows 10 Mobile OS?

Microsoft Surface Phone Release Date and Price

No official announcement about the Microsoft Surface Phone has been made. However,  we expect that the Surface phone will come out sometime in October. This would be around the time Microsoft launches its new line of Surface Pro 7 two-in-one devices.

Microsoft Surface Phone Price
Image Windows Central

Regarding the price, expect the Surface Phone to be priced in at competitive levels with the top-end devices such as Google Pixel 4/iPhone 11, etc.