Whenever you think that it is all over for Samsung, it comes up with something new. And this time we are talking about the fold-able smartphone Samsung Galaxy F. The foldable technology has been termed as the Infinity Flex Display. The phone is like a table which when folded, can be put into your pocket.

The first look at the device was unveiled by the SVP of the mobile product market, Justin Dension on November 7, 2018. You can run up to three apps simultaneously on the 7.3-inch display of this phone.

Source- Mashable

However, recently Samsung teased the audience with a release date for Galaxy F. Reports from the Yonhap News Agency of South Korea says that the smartphone will be hitting the markets sometime near March next year. This will be just after the launch of Samsung’s Galaxy S. Unlike Galaxy S, the new fold-able smartphone will be targetting the premium audience and is expected to be around $1770.

Source- The Verge