Sony PlayStation 5 release date price games PS5

Sony PlayStation 5 is one of the most awaited gaming consoles all over the world. All the PS fans are waiting, and it has been years since the last version of PS4 was released.

There have been a lot of reports in the last few months about the PlayStation 5. It seems that Sony is going all out with it and has added everything they got in their latest gaming consoles. Here is everything we know about the upcoming Sony PlayStation 5 and the games related to it.

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PS5 Release Date

Sony PlayStation 5 release date price games

The most surprising part is that even though the PS5 has been making headlines over the world, it is nowhere close to release. Earlier, it was rumored to be launched at the E3 2019 expo, but Sony officially denied taking part in the event. It was later revealed that Sony is not releasing PS5 for another year.

The latest rumors suggest that Sony might be planning its own Gaming event for the year 2020 and PS5 can be the show stopper. In the middle of the next year, Sony might release PlayStation 5 while other reports suggest that Sony will launch PS5 at the E3 expo 2020.

Technical Details

Sony PlayStation 5 release date price games

The makers of the PS5 consoles are slowly giving out hints about the gaming console will contain to prove that it is a  powerful machine. As per the console creative team, an 8-core AMD, 3rd gen Ryzen architecture, Radeon Navi GPU family, advanced high capacity SSD storage system, 3D surround audio is on the cards.

It is also rumored that the PlayStation 5 will support backward compatibility with older PS4 PSVR models, along with an 8K UHD TV support. There are also plans to include cloud gaming and 5G technology in the new Sony PS5.

Specs and New Features

Sony PlayStation 5 release date price games

Sony PlayStation 5 is reported to have so many additional features and other upgrades over previous models. It is rumored to have a 1 TB hard disk type SSD storage to save new games without the use of carrying a disk. The most prominent new features are the inclusion of a VR headset with the Sony PS5. It is said that Sony will provide PS5 with an additional VR headset option so that users feel they are inside the game.

Along with that, it will support cloud gaming technology, through which you can play from anywhere with just a screen. If all these reports are accurate, Sony PS5 will be one of the monster consoles that contains everything a gamer want.

New exclusive Games

Sony PlayStation 5 release date price games PS5

Sony knows how to play smart and increase the sale of its upcoming PlayStation 5. There are reports that Sony will launch a whole lot of exclusive games alongside the PS5 to lure most of the gamers. There are a lot of awaited games, which can be released with the PS5 and stay exclusive for months before coming to other platforms.

  • God of War 5
  • GTA 6
  • The last of Us: Part 2
  • Final Fantasy 7 Remake
  • Cyberpunk 2077
  • Elder Scrolls 6

Competition from other Games

Sony PlayStation 5 release date price games PS5

While Sony could release the upcoming PlayStation 5 any moment, it also has to take care of the competition. Microsoft is working on a new Xbox Two, and Google is working on Stadia, a totally different gaming technology. The makers of PS5 at Sony are aware of this and are working hard to stay at the top of the game.

Sony is planning for the long term strategy and adds as many features as it requires. It is the sole reason why it is developing cloud gaming for the PS5 and the additional waiting time.

Fan demands and Expectations

Sony has a huge fan following and fans all over the world has high expectations from the upcoming PS5 console. From an advanced controller to better graphics, there are a lot of features, fans want in the PlayStation 5. Here are some of the fan wishlist and a few rumors about the Sony PS5.

All this seems fans are happy with all the new leaks and can’t wait for the PS5 to release. We hope that the PS5 has everything all the gamers want and the competition aspires others also to make their consoles better. Stay tuned to Hiptoro for more Sony PlayStation 5 updates and other news.