PlayStation 5 release date VR specs

Sony’s next-gen console, the PlayStation 5, is expected to pack some serious VR technology.

The rumors and patent leaks are indicating that the PS5 will have excellent performance and graphics. A recent leak also suggests that it could feature the capability of streaming the games.

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PlayStation 5 VR: A possibility to be explored

It is evident that both Sony and Microsoft are trying to beat each other in the race of most interactive VR experience.

Sony has remained silent, and it has played its cards safely without exposing too much information related to the development.

According to rumors that have surfaced on the web, PlayStation 5 will support many variants of the VR headset.

PlayStation 5

Interestingly, PlayStation Global Head of  R&D Dominic Mallison shared some tidbits at the Collision 2019. He told that the PlayStation 5 could ship with multiple headsets.

Mallison further claimed that these headsets could ditch the wires and utilize the wireless connectivity.

PlayStation 5 VR and Gaze Tracking

Mallison also explained about the possible inclusion of Gaze tracking, which is touted to revolutionize the VR experience.

PlayStation 5 VR Price

Mallison didn’t clarify if Gaze tracking will be included in PlayStation 5 or not, but he didn’t rule it out either.

What is Gaze Tracking?

It is a piece of tech that is used to track the eye movement so that the system can know where are you looking in the virtual world.

Sony’s effort to enhance realism in VR

Mallison explained that Gaze Tracking could be used to set up the optics accurately while providing comfort to the user. This would help the user in getting the true sense of depth and distance in Virtual Reality. In short, Gaze Tracking could help in increasing realism in PS5.

Sony PlayStation 5 VR Glove

The company is also working on a new VR glove which will provide a more realistic way of input. According to a patent filed by the company, the glove will use a haptic feedback mechanism to simulate the sense of touch.

It is possible that while these features might not make it to the PlayStation 5, they still are interesting for sure.