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As the Sony PlayStation 5 launch date grows closer, we have a much better idea of what the console will look like. Leaks and rumors have certainly helped with that understanding, but the latest piece of information comes from the company itself.

Sony teases PlayStation 5

In a new tease, Sony has allowed us a glimpse into the making of the PlayStation 5, which will have a solid state drive (SSD).

The SSD included within the PS5 is guaranteed to elevate the gaming experience to another level altogether. The high-speed storage device will allow much faster, smoother, and quicker operation of games on the machine.

Sony PlayStation 5 specs release date

The vision, according to a Sony official, is to revolutionize gameplay experiences and to make loading screens a thing of the past.

But the question arises- how exactly will SSD’s help realize Sony’s vision? The same report from the Sony official said that the use of SSDs would help game developers to take gaming to a higher level, as far as PS5 games are concerned.

In particular, the contrast to the older mechanical drives will be immediately apparent. Gamers who favor open world games will immediately notice the difference in loading times. And this should even make the gaming console extremely attractive to those wishing to venture into this field. The elimination of long waiting times itself will make gaming on PS5 a gratifying experience for newbies.

Through the past month, there have been further leaks about other hardware components of the PS5. A confirmation has come from the company’s side that the PlayStation 5 will sport an AMD GPU and CPU. This has been confirmed by AMD as well, who will provide the 7nm 8-core Zen 2 processor for the console. And no doubt, the PlayStation 5 is destined to be a beast, looking at the powerful chip backing it.

With all said and done, what we know the least about is the launch date of the PlayStation 5. Sony has been mum on the issue, but taking leads and rumors into account, the 2nd half of 2019 is a good bet.