Sony PS4 PS5 release date specs

We won’t witness the launch of Sony’s next Console the PS5 this year or even at E3 but the company is releasing news regarding their new system in bits and pieces.

The Japanese company is not releasing its next-gen console until 2020. The PS5 as of now is in production and planning phase.

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Sony PS5 vs PS4: Which is faster?

Takashi Mochizuki, a Wall Street Journal reporter posted a video on Twitter of an investor presentation held by Sony wherein the company showcased a loading time comparison between the PS4 Pro and the new PS5

The speed test or rather loading time test was carried out using the newly launched Spider-Man video game.

As you can see from the uploaded video, the newer gen console, PS5 seems to be loading the game much faster than the previous gen PS4 Pro. The difference between the two is of about 7 seconds.

The conclusion from the video can be made that the new PlayStation 5 will have SSD(Solid-State Drive) as storage in place of the usual Hard Disk.

Sony PS5 vs PS4 Pro speed release date price

The new system will also carry major graphical improvements leaps ahead from the previous gen consoles. Other features include the use of an AMD CPU built on 7-nanometer technology and an AMD GPU.

PS5 will also feature backward compatibility, 8K resolution, discs and ray tracing support.

Currently, Sony has sold over 96.8 million PS4s worldwide and looks like Sales won’t slow down anytime soon. So the release of PS5 is not happening until 2020, Sony would most certainly like to cash in the PS4 popularity.