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PlayStation 5 price hike and early release possible – Is this the end of Sony PS?

PlayStation 5 Rumors

Sony is silently working on its next-generation console, PlayStation 5. Even though Sony has tried hard to keep the info from leaking on the interwebs, every day we get some new bit of information.

If the recent rumor is true, Sony is inching towards a financial disaster. Everyone knows that PlayStation 4 has been the top console due to the bang for back it provides.

However, an analyst claims that Sony is mulling to increase the price of its next-gen console PlayStation 5. He says that the PS5 will be priced around $500.

Why the price of PlayStation 5 is critical for its success?

According to the analyst, the price of the PlayStation 5 will be $500 which is $100 more than PlayStation 4.

He explains that this price tag could become the reason for the possible failure of PlayStation 5. This is not the first time Sony’s pricing of its PlayStation might land the company in trouble.

PS 5

In the past, PlayStation 3 was priced significantly more than its competitor Xbox. This lead to the poor sales performance of the console.

Currently, there are several reasons that PlayStation 5 could fail including the launch of consoles from Microsoft and Google and the ease of building PC.

Firstly both Google and Microsoft are working to launch their own console with the support of cloud gaming which is expected to priced competitively. Interestingly has not announced any info about their possible foray into cloud gaming.

The second reason is that one can junk the idea of consoles and turn to PC Gaming. At a cost of $500, very good gaming PCs can be built easily.

Why PlayStation 5 could be a good deal at $500?

Sony can simply argue with the fact that one can play many exclusive titles which are not available anywhere else.

PlayStation 5 Release Date

The second thing to consider is that PlayStation 5 also brings the support for the rumored 8K gaming with backward compatibility.

PlayStation 5 Release Date

As we mentioned earlier Sony has remained mum about the details of PlayStation 5.

However, we expect the PlayStation 5 to be released in late 2020 or 2021.

Written by Ajay

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