Google Stadia is an effort from Google to tap into the gaming markets currently dominated by Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s PlayStation consoles. Google has proposed a radically different approach to gaming when compared to traditional consoles.

Google Stadia Controller
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The question, however, is – will Google be able to eat into the markets heavily dominated by consoles? Or will Google Stadia be drubbed out of the markets by the consoles? Let us take a closer look and understand what gives Google the edge.

Google Stadia vs PS5 vs XBOX Scarlett: What Gives Google the Edge?

Google’s latest console changes everything that we know about a traditional gaming console. While the likes of PS5 and XBOX Scarlett (XBOX two) are improving their hardware – Google is not giving it much of a thought!

Google Stadia Gaming Streaming Console Controller
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The idea behind Google Stadia is quite simple: it allows the gamers to stream games right on to their Google Chrome browser and play using a controller. The idea behind Stadia is to simplify gaming to such an extent that a gamer can start playing the video game right after watching its trailer on YouTube!

Google Stadia’s Processing Power: Strength in Numbers

The Google Stadia gaming console offers a processing power of 10.7 teraflops! This makes it much stronger when compared to the PlayStation 4 Pro (4.2 Teraflops) and the XBOX One S (6 Teraflops).

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Google Stadia Gaming Streaming Console
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The more data centres get added on in the future, the more powerful would Google Stadia become! Realistically, there is quite a good chance that Google Stadia would compete against PS5 and XBOX Scarlett and hold its own ground well!

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