2018 is the iconic year of Universal Studios, with the gods of war, Astro Bot rescue missions, MLB: The Show and other PS4 exclusive games, each of which shows the best place for PlayStation to play.

However the team of Worldwide Studios working hard. The Worldwide Studios said that “We want you to check the status of our next wave of innovative experiences at our studio in Bend, Oregon; Tokyo; San Mateo, California; London; and more. Every title is as varied as its hometown!”


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Sony Interactive Entertainment previously announced Déraciné, SIE Japan Studio, and FromSoftware are scheduled to be released exclusively for PlayStation VR* on November 6, 2018.

In an emotional narrative, the player will play the role of an invisible fairy and establish personal relationships with the children in a secluded boarding school. As you move through boarding schools during freezing hours, players will collect and piece together information to reveal a vital mystery. Déraciné is the first game from the most challenging game of all time, Bloodborne’s director Hidetaka Miyazaki along with FromSoftware.

Days Gone

Source: blog.us.playstation

The studio is eager to see Days Gone in the hands of fans, and Bend Studio has taken the opportunity to improve further Days Gone.

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The PlayStation fans are well aware of Days Gone is an open-world game located in the desert of the Northwest Pacific. Moving on to the rugged landscape with the dirt bikes, players have to struggle for resources while trying to survive broken roads, unpredictable weather, other human faction attacks, infected wildlife, and roaming freaks – this is a cruel and vital world in both day and night.

Concrete Genie

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Concrete Genie, developed by PlayStation’s Pixelopus team, follows a bully named Ash who escaped his troubles by drawing spectacular living landscapes and prank creatures on the walls of his abandoned hometown of Denska. Using a magical brush, Ash found his paintings to clean the contaminated walls of Denska and bring life back to town.

Pixelopus is a development studio for the PlayStation San Mateo Campus, which aims to launch Concrete Genie for the spring of 2019 for the PS4 system.

Everybody’s Golf VR

Source: blog.us.playstation

The famous golf franchise Everybody’s Golf franchise debuts in the spring of 2019 PS VR *! Developed by Clap Hanz in collaboration with SIE Japan Studio, players will use DualShock 4 or PlayStation Move Motion Controller to widen their virtual golf clubs.

PS VR allows players to experience the world of golf in all ways they have never been possible: better understanding of the pitch, reading pictures for wind direction, etc.

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Stay Tuned to know more about the upcoming PS4 games like Last of Us: Part II, Death Stranding, Blood & Truth and Ghost of Tsushima.