Google Set To Take On PS5 and Xbox 2 with ‘Game Streaming Console’, Images Leaked

The PS5 vs Xbox 2 hypothetical battle has been going on forever and while the winner depends on whom you ask, it seems that Google has also decided to join the party.

It’s been some time since Google has been trying hard to push into the gaming world. A new patent now has stated a bit more information about the next phase of their plans against the PS5 vs Xbox 2 battle.

The testing of Project Stream’s browser was just the step one – as now we the next one:

Google set to take on PS5 and Xbox 2 with ‘Game Streaming Console’

Google Set To Take On PS5 and Xbox 2 with ‘Game Streaming Console'

Google has given plans for never-seen-like before game controller with a few built-in tricks that PS5 and Xbox 2 fans wouldn’t have seen until now.

The main feature is its ability to launch certain games using the controller only. In order to achieve this, you will have to press the main button given on the controller combined with another, just like direction present on D-pad. This is will make the device’s controller with the connection to start a certain game. A feature like this has been unheard of in both, PS5 as well as Xbox 2.

As a reply to the patent, Sarang Sheth created a few renders revealing what the whole controller would look like, based on the drawings. As of now, with Xbox, Nintendo and PlayStation controllers, you’d usually find a power button that will turn the system on for you, but then in order to select a game, you need to use the interface manually.

This new controller by Google will also come with a built-in notification system. So notifications will keep you informed about certain online events in the whole gaming world. Again, this is something no PS5 or Xbox 2 rumour has suggested so far.

Play on Anything, Anywhere?

Play On Anything, Anywhere?

The patent states that it will work with a host of various devices and then will be able to store the data of users.

The controller can be set up using the account and your gaming info, using it later to log into anything.

Google Controller

However, there aren’t many details known about the Google console yet. That may not matter at all, thanks to the Google Project Stream.

Google also has a huge announcement in the gaming world to make that’s scheduled later this month at the Game Developer’s Meet. So fans may expect some new Google Hardware or maybe an online gaming service. It would be interesting to see how the PS5 vs Xbox 2 battle pans out after this announcement.

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