PlayStation 5 Patent PS5 VR Headset PS5 vs XBOX Two

The PlayStation 5 is all set to be Sony’s gen-next gaming console. Following the success of the PlayStation 4 (and all its variants), the PlayStation 5 is expected to be an interesting launch from the company. Sony’s PlayStation 5 is also expected to feature a PS5 VR headset along with the main console.

PlayStation 5 Patent PS5 VR Headset Release Date
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This information about the PS5 VR headset comes after PlayStation 5 related patents were spotted. Let us take a closer look:

PS5 VR Headset: PlayStation 5 Steps towards Virtual Reality

PlayStation 5 is going to be different from the previous incarnations of the PlayStation. In the recent past, Sony’s PlayStation has relied more on the exclusivity of content than on hardware excellence. However, this changes with the PlayStation 5. The PS5 VR headset is a fresh breath of air for Sony.

PlayStation 5 Patent PS5 VR Headset
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Basically, this new PS5 VR headset is going to be quite an innovation. It will make use of the camera mounted on the PS to capture motion similar to the PSVR. However, the biggest challenge that Sony will solve with the VR headset is that of the lag in VR – which often ruins the gameplay experience.

When will PlayStation 5 release?

Sony’s PlayStation 5 does not have a release date yet. Even an official announcement has not been made about the console. However, it is expected that the announcement will come sometime later this year and the console will launch in 2020.

PlayStation 5 Patent PS5 VR Headset PSVR
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2020 will see the battle between PlayStation 5 and the XBOX Two. Will Sony’s PS5 VR headset prove to be a gamechanger? We’ll find out soon.