Google Stadia Vs PS5 vs Xbox Two

Google Stadia the cloud gaming service was recently launched by the tech giant. According to Google, the service will provide the support for 60 fps gaming at a 4k resolution if players have a good internet connection. But the real question remains, where does it stand against the upcoming PS5 vs Xbox 2 race?

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Google Stadia: Cloud Gaming Service

Cloud gaming services utilize data centers to process the game and use the console to deliver the content. Google CEO said Google Stadia is powered by the Best of Google.

Google Stadia is touted to bring console standard games to Chrome, Android and TVs.

The claims made by Stadia are bold but if they are true Google can snatch a large market share from upcoming PS5 and Xbox Two.

Let’s take a look at some factor that might become a hurdle in Google Stadia’s conquest.

Google Stadia vs PS5 vs Xbox Two: Hardware

Google Stadia will use a custom 2.7GHz hyperthreaded x86 CPUs and custom made AMD GPU with 56 compute units. All this hardware will provide 10.7 teraflops of power to play.

Google Stadia vs. PS5

In comparison, the upcoming PS5 is rumored to run at 8 teraflops and Xbox Two is touted to pack 6 teraflops.

Looking at the sheer computing power Google Stadia is way ahead of PS5 and Xbox Two.

Google Stadia vs PS5 vs Xbox Two: Input Lag

Even though Google denies that users will face any lag when the service is rolled out for masses.

But the time will tell that Stadia provides smooth gameplay experience or not.

Google Stadia and other Cloud Gaming Services

There is no confirmed news but it is highly likely that there are other tech companies exploring this idea.

Rumors suggest that Microsoft has already developed a variant of Xbox Two called Xbox Lockhart which will utilize Microsoft xCloud for cloud gaming.

Google Stadia: Future of Console Gaming

Google Stadia is a novel concept and time will tell if this idea will stand its ground against PS5 and Xbow Two or not. However, Google should be praised for bringing something new in this bland marketplace.