The new industry predictions have revealed that the PlayStation 5 will lose to the upcoming Xbox in a key area. No official confirmation has been out about the release date of the next-gen gaming machines, but as per the analysts, it will definitely happen next year.

The industry experts have already started making predictions who would be the winner of the inevitable PlayStation 5 vs Xbox war.

According to Ben Arnold, Microsoft has a major advantage over Sony. Microsoft is also set to launch its new Project xCloud streaming service this year. Meanwhile, Sony PlayStation 5 is focusing on extending their virtual reality support. They recently made an announcement regarding the sale of four million and more PSVR headsets.

Xbox vs PlayStation 5
Credits: Daily Express

Microsoft’s Xbox may have an edge over Sony PlayStation 5 with its cloud gaming. Arnold said in an interview that Microsoft xCloud service will be available on several devices. He added that there would be an extension in the timeline.

The creators are looking for great content which will drive hardware adoption. But till the time there is more hardware, content won’t get any funds.

The streaming subscription services will build momentum till the time a final decision is made regarding the hardware. Even though Sony’s PlayStation 5 will have cloud gaming service of its own in PlayStation Now, it doesn’t have the same device compatibility as offered by Microsoft.

The Project xCloud will be available on wide range of devices including tablets, phones, desktop computers and boast access to the Xbox Game Pass subscriptions as well.

Sony can change things by expanding its PS Now services in the near future. The price of PlayStation 5 has not been revealed either.