Xbox Anaconda

Microsoft at E3 2018 confirmed that development of the next generation of Xbox Scarlett is in full swing. After the confirmation rumors mills have been hard at work speculating about the specification, release date, and expected features.

Microsoft next-gen Xbox code-name Xbox Scarlett could be more like a PC and less like a console at its heart and recent leaks have confirmed that.

Xbox Two

Xbox Scarlett Rumored hardware

PcGamesN found a Reddit thread that posted an image related to Xbox Scarlett and this image has created a lot of buzz among fans but the gist of all the comments was that Xbox Scarlett might feature PC level graphics.

The image suggests that the image could be of developer machine which has higher specs which generally don’t make way to launched products.

PCGamesN states that the data suggest that Xbox could have its own discrete GPU inside.

Some Redditor also pointed out that GPU code-named Arcturus in the leak. It is the new graphics engine for the next generation of Xbox and Microsoft might be working on it to boost the performance of the device. So it is highly likely that a discrete GPU might provide the necessary performance bump.

Xbox Scarlett Variants

According to the rumors Microsoft is going to a launch two version of the Xbox a high-powered console code named Anaconda and an affordable version named Lockhart.

Jeuxvideo suggests that Lockhart is going to be an entry-level system without disc reader and will be relying on the cloud for its processing power.

It is very likely that Lockhart is going to designed and launched keeping in mind the recently unveiled Google Stadia.


There is no clear news about the price but if Microsoft is working on discrete GPU for the Xbox then we can see a major jump in pricing however the diskless version should be affordable.


If rumors to be believed then Lockhart is going to cost $249 and higher model Anaconda will cost $499.

Xbox Scarlett Launch Date

French website Jeuxvideo reports that Microsoft can release the product in E3 2019.