The Japan-based tech giant, Sony has confirmed that a new PlayStation 5 is in making but have kept a tight lip on specs and release date. After the official confirmation, rumors mill has been hard at work and there is some juicy news for all console gamers.

Reddit user RuthenicCookie who already has made some convincing prediction like the bugginess of Anthem before its launch is predicted the absence of sony booth from E3 2019.

If RuthenicCookie is to be believed, then PlayStation 5 will run at 60 fps with 4K resolution.

Sony PlayStation 5 will include a VR Headset

Gearnuke reported of a patent leak titled “Simulation of the legacy of bus operation for backward compatibility” which hints towards the PS5 backward compatibility.

When the patent file is examined closely it is talking about the bus interface issue while running a legacy(old) application.

Both CPUID and Bus interface chime in the process of emulation of older or legacy application on newer hardware.

Semiaccurate which has a gained notoriety for their highly accurate predictions for console features suggested the inclusion of VR.

Sony PS5

Sony PlayStation 5 Release Date

Furthermore, the evergrowing growing library of VR games and new teaser of Iron Man VR is reinforcing the predictions.

Sony PlayStation 5 Release Date

Newer AAA titles are testing the limits of aging hardware of PS4. It should be noted that PS4 was launched in 2014.

Feels like Sony wants to milk by selling more PS4 with the imminent launch of “Last of US Part II”.

It was touted that PlayStation 5 will be launched in 2021 but things might change. All due to a major shuffle in upper ranks of Sony’s management.

In a recent interview with Gameinformer Shawn Layden, head of Sony’s gaming arm apoke. He said that just because PlayStation is not in E3 does not mean that they will not come back for E3 2020.

Investment analysts are giving a different PS5 release date on the basis of the financial activity of Sony.

Yasuo Imanaka who works for Rakuten Securities Economic Reseach institute believes PlayStation 5 will launch in between 2020-2021.

Industry pundits are not sure of releasing the date. But many are hopeful for the official announcement of the launch date in 2019.

PS5 Release Date