PlayStation 4 Remote Play Apple Devices

Four and a half years after Sony’s Remote Play feature popped up on the Android OS, the company has now introduced PlayStation 4 Remote Play for Apple devices too!

This is a feature that users of Apple’s iPads and iPhones had been demanding for a really long time.

Let us take a closer look at what PlayStation 4 Remote Play is and all that you can do with it:

PlayStation 4 Remote Play Apple Devices iPad
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What Does PlayStation 4 Remote Play Mean for Apple Users?

This basically means that users who do not own a TV can now connect and sync their PlayStation 4 with their iPhones or iPads and play their games over these devices. In terms of the overall look-and-feel, it is quite similar to how things work on PlayStation 4 Remote Play for Android.

PlayStation 4 Remote Play Apple Devices iPhone
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Users can play PlayStation 4 games on their iPhones and iPad devices by tapping on their screen for controls. However, there’s also the option to connect the controllers.  One must keep in mind that Dualshock 4 controllers won’t be able to get paired with iPhone/iPad devices. However, jailbroken devices may be able to use them.

Which Apple Devices Support PlayStation 4 Remote Play?

PlayStation 4 Remote Play Apple Devices iPad iPhone
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All iPhone devices starting iPhone 7 and beyond will support PlayStation 4 remote play. For iPads, the functionality is supported by all iPads beyond the sixth-generation. Getting this feature is pretty simple too. All you need to do is to update your PlayStation 4 to ensure that you are on the latest version. Then get the remote play app on your iPhone/iPad and you’re good to go!