Apple iPhone 11 features that will get you excited

The date of Apple iPhone 11 release is approaching soon. The iPhone lovers cannot contain their excitement for what lies ahead of them. They want to know all about it. What all new features will be added to Apple iPhone 11? And all possible details that they can lay their hands on.

One of the features that users are curious about is its camera. Apple iPhone 11 is all set to include the triple array rear camera setup similar to Huawei P20 Pro. It will enhance the augmented reality with the help of the 3D sensors. A camera inspired by “cyclops” is also a head turner for many. Further, the camera in iPhone 11 will be at the center instead of the top corner as in previous models.

The camera in iPhone 11 will be at the center instead of the top corner as in previous models.

Rumors have it that Apple iPhone 11 will also make use of the Apple pencil recently released by the company. Even though the stylus is not much of a fad nowadays, it will help the users to increase their work rate. The next iPhone will have bigger dimensions as compared to the previous iPhone models.

Keeping the camera and other features aside, the Apple users are also curious about the speed and efficiency of the phone. It is expected that the tech giant will make use of a processor which outshine the A12 Bionic chip set. The A13 Bionic chip set is the next level nanometer chip which will be used in Apple iPhone 11.

Apple iPhone 11 will consist of more transistors and take up less space. Apple iPhone 11 will also come out around September this year. It will be out before the end of this year for sure.

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Written by Mitansha Chopra

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