Google Stadia price release date games

Google, the search engine giant unveiled Stadia at GDC( Game Developers Conference) 2019, the company’s new video-game platform.

The new cloud gaming platform, Stadia, is built for gamers keeping their needs in mind. Google has always governed whichever market they entered but will the same happen as they enter the gaming industry? The likes of Sony and Microsoft with their respective gaming stations have a solid grip on the market. it will take some serious doing from the company to get their ship going among rumours of Xbox 2 and PS5.

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Sony PS4 and Microsoft Xbox have long dictated the gaming console market, they have quality exclusives and pricing, for the most part, is decent too. Stadia, could that be the invisible killer for consoles?

Google Stadia PS5 Xbox 2

Phil Harrison current VP for Google, a former Sony, and Microsoft executive said during GDC that “Our vision for Stadia is simple: one place for all the ways we play.”

Google Stadia: The console killer?

As far as specs are concerned, the gaming console from Google looks sorted. It comes with a Hyperthreaded Custom x86 Processor and an AMD GPU with 10.7 teraflops of power. Stadia also supports 4K streaming at 60 FPS. When you compare this raw power with PS4 and Xbox systems, Google Stadia has the upper hand at least on paper. PS4 comes with 4.2 teraflops and Xbox comes with 6 teraflops.

Google Stadia price release date games

With Stadia, you have the facility of streaming games directly from the cloud to any of your personal devices such as a desktop, laptop, TV, tablet, or mobile phone. But for this instant streaming of games, you will need a powerful internet connection.

Google also introduced the Stadia controller. The controller comes with Google Assistant and built-in microphone. In order to combat input lag while playing multiplayer games, the controller will act as a bridge which will directly connect Google’s data center over Wi-Fi for a better gaming experience

The question of Exclusives?

Google Stadia is yet to hit in the market but so far it’s confirmed to support Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Doom Eternal, and NBA 2K. Both PS4 and Xbox have been in the market for quite some time so they have the upper hand here with exclusive titles. Games such as God of war on PS4 and Forza on Xbox states that these systems have better exclusive titles. Stadia is in its infant stage so more titles are expected in the future.

Google Stadia features games
Stadia, Cost?

The deciding factor before buying anything is the price of a product. With Google Stadia this factor is unknown. We have zero info on how will Google price their service. Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot has indicated that a pricing model will be declared soon which will be “unlike any of its competitors”

A specific release date is unknown but Google said that one should expect the console to go on sale in June of 2019 in select markets such as US, Canada, and Europe. So all factors considered, Stadia, has some merits and some demerits but only time will tell how well this Google gaming system performs.