GTA 6 release date

The GTA line-up of games has always been an iconic exemplary in the gaming industry, No wonder everyone is so desperate for a GTA 6 release date. The player base is huge and sales records are off the charts so naturally GTA 6 launch is imminent.

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Rockstar, the developer of the famous action-adventure video game, is mostly silent concerning their new release. yet we certainly believe that some news regarding the new game could come up anytime soon.

Grand Theft Auto 6 Release Date

Typically, we see about four to five years of time gap between each GTA installment. But that hasn’t been the case for GTA 6. As of now, it looks like Rockstar is solely focused on Red Dead Redemption 2 and its online component.

It is believed that GTA 6 might make its appearance with Sony’s PlayStation 5 in 2020.

GTA 6 Gameplay

Rockstar subsidiary, Take-Two Interactive has teased some big plans regarding the new GTA game.

Take-Two Chief executive officer Strauss Zelnick in an FY2019 earnings conference call said the following

We have the strongest development pipeline in our history, including sequels from our biggest franchises, along with exciting new IP.

Karl Slatoff, Company President, also echoed the same

We’re not just investing to invest for years and years without actually getting the releases coming out. You will expect to see these investments coming to fruition over the next few years.

As one can see the development of the next GTA iteration is in full swing.

GTA 6: Story, Gameplay Features and More

It expected that GTA 6 might finally include a female protagonist into their game. The use of a main female character was long overdue if Rockstar decides to do the same then it will be a welcome move.


GTA 6 release date

As far as Map is concerned there are various names being thrown in. the likes of the UK, Tokyo, and Miami are prime contestants.

The general gameplay improvement over the previous generation, improvement in graphics, etc is a given.

All in all, GTA 6 is a solid game and one must keep in mind that good things come to those who wait.