It has been some time since the last Red Dead Redemption 2 PC rumours were posted. And while those rumours hinted towards a PC version in the making, not much has happened in that direction since.

A few months back, though, there were some other clues that hinted of a Red Dead Redemption 2‘s PC release. A programmer from Leeds, who worked for Rockstar, had mentioned Red Dead Redemption 2 PC along with the already released PS4 and Xbox versions on his LinkedIn profile. Of course, this could’ve been just a mistake, not a leak.

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Red Dead Redemption 2 PC leak

However, another resume leak, this time from a Toronto programmer, adds to the evidence. This resume shows the programmer having Red Dead Redemption 2 PC under the “titles worked on” section of his resume. And if all those years of reading detective novels has thought us something, it is that all this evidence must point towards the release actually happening!

Red Dead Redemption 2 PC rumors refueled by a resume on LinkedIn

On a serious note, however, there are much more concrete reasons to believe that an announcement might be on the horizon. Swedish company MediaMarkt already listed the game as a placeholder some time back.

And a veteran game industry analyst, Michael Pachter, believed that the game would release soon as far back as 2016. He believed that it was a logical conclusion if one followed the pattern Rockstar had with GTA.

It is also speculated that Rockstar may be waiting for Red Dead Online to come out of beta first. The multiplayer section of the game is still in beta and has been receiving updates for some time now. It is not long before the official, stable 1.0 version is out.

Having sold well over 20 million copies worldwide, Red Dead Redemption 2 was a universal gaming sensation. The game garnered universal acclaim, both critically and commercially.

It would, therefore, not seem sensible to limit the game to a console-only release, and not tap into the massive PC-only gaming audience out there!