Sony is in the news these days for mostly the talk about the new PlayStation, popularly called as Sony PS5. There are so many rumors and reports about the new PS5, and also talks about a lot of new games to be launched exclusively with it.

It has been confirmed that Sony PS5 will be backward compatible to the previous PlayStation. With this good news, let us see more about the new features, release date and price of the upcoming console.

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New Features and Specs

Sony PS5 PlayStation specs

New tech processors: As reported in the leaks, the Sony PS5 will have an eight-core, 7nm AMD CPU processor. It will also feature the AMD Radeon graphics processor with the new support ray-tracing technology, which reflects the light around the space in real life.

8K UHD: The Sony PS5 console will support 8K UHD resolutions which will be the first time for any PlayStation. 8K TVs are very rare at the moment, but it will be the future of gaming and entertainment.

3D surround Audio: The latest AMD chipset will have a highly advanced audio technology offering immersive audio experience in the new PS5 console.

Extra-Fast Storage: Sony PS5 will offer SSD storage extra capacity storage around 1 TB, which will also have speed and loading times 15 times faster than previous versions.

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PS5 Release date

Sony PS5 PlayStation release date

Earlier reports suggested that the Sony PS5 would come around the end of the year 2019, which has now been discarded by the officials. As per the sources, the 5th gen PlayStation will be launched in the next year. There are high chances that Sony takes part in E3 2020 next year and steals the show with the release of PS 5. The possible release date for PS5 will be closer to November 2020.

PS5 Price

Sony PS5 PlayStation price

While the PlayStation cost a lot around their initial launch, the prices settle down with time. Still, the PS5 will cost a lot higher due to next-gen graphics and a 1 TB SSD storage. The closest we can estimate is $399/£350 for the Sony PS5 once it settles the price.