Sony PS5 : Reddit leak, news, specification and all the latest updates

    Sony PS5

    Sony PS5 is finally going to be released in the mid of 2020. Moreover, the list of leaked specifications has materialized online with a notable exception. As per the leak, Sony has hinted about a successor along with the VR headset.
    We have just the news about the latest speculation for Sony’s next-generation console.

    Sony PS5 Leaks

    Sony PS5 has more than a year before it’s launch but there can be some fluctuating details that have changed accordingly. Furthermore, according to the probe few people have gathered details from a new Reddit leak stating the exact features, computing metrics and price of PlayStation 5.

    Sony PS5

    Speculated PS5 Configuration
    • CPU will have 7-nanometer, 8-core AMD’s Zen 2 CPU and clocked at 3.2 gigahertz
    • Graphical Processing Unit should be custom AMD Navi GPU with 56 compute units, 1.8 GHz, 12.9 teraflops of power
    • Superb Ray Tracing Support
    • You can enjoy a high degree of visualization for a portrait mode
    • RAM hinted to be 24GB or more
    • Use of both HDD and SSD

    What are the latest features in Sony PS5?

    There is also good news for die-hard PlayStation fans! A new feature that known Backwards Compatibility can supposedly run entire PS4 games. This feature is vital for gamers who still want to inherit their legacy games in the new PS5.

    Some additional features of PlayStation 5:

    1. Boost mode feature
    2. Frame-rate booster
    3. Capable of keeping games at 60 frames per second

    No PSVR headset!

    Lastly, Sony has an alternate option and plans to drop an entirely wireless VR headset instead of PSVR headset. A number of gamers have resented this move by Sony.

    The new VR will supposedly have these specs:

    • Cost:- 250$
    • Resolution supported: – 2,560 x 1,440
    • Hertz rate: – 120 HZ
    • Battery life:- 220-degree field of view

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