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NFL Rumors: Ezekiel Elliot Forcing Dallas Cowboys to Offer New Deal to Dak Prescott

NFL Ezekiel Elliot Dallas Cowboys Dak Prescott

Dallas Cowboys have offered a new deal to Ezekiel Elliot, and now it is the turn for Dak Prescott. Elliot becomes the highest-paid running back in NFL when the Cowboys offered him a $90 million contract extension for the next six years. Now Elliot wants the same for Prescott, and he’s been telling the Cowboys side to finalize a new deal with him soon.

While Prescott was regular in the training camp and preseason games, there seems to be no kind of problems with him. The Cowboys may wait for the NFL 2019 regular season to end before they offer him an extension. But Zeke wants it to get done right now as he needs Dak Prescott on the ground playing together with him.

Ezekiel Elliot needs Dak Prescott

Elliot Needs Prescott

Ezekiel Elliot and Dak Prescott are good friends in real life too and have always supported each other on the field. NFL quarterbacks are only good as their running back partners passing them the ball. Zeke and Prescott complete each other, and the duo has to stay together on the ground to break the defense of other teams.

I want to see it done as soon as possible. I want to play with him for the rest of my career. Dak is an amazing human being and one of the best quarterbacks I have played with. I know that he will also get the value of his talent and I can’t wait to run together with him on the ground against the Giants.

Cowboys can wait for 2019 Season

Dak Prescott Deal can Wait for 2019 Season

Dak Prescott was always supportive of his team and left the whole contract negotiations talks to his agent Todd France. He has been staying with the team and focusing on his play without worrying about the business side of the NFL. There are high chances that the Cowboys wait for the regular season to get over and offer him a deal after that.

Ezekiel Elliot deal has cost them around $100 million, and they can’t afford to lose more out of their cap space. Amari Cooper and Bryon Jones are also left for a contract extension and the Cowboys might have no money left to pay Prescott.

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