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Dak Prescott has been patient enough for a new contract extension deal and it has made the Cowboys worried. Dallas Cowboys seemed to be the most sorted team as the Sunday Week 1 game started against the New York Giants. Every member of the Cowboys was present the NFL 2019 season opener game and the team even managed a victory with a huge margin of 35-17.

Prescott was the hero of the match where he performed like a true MVP and broke so many records. It raises the question of why he is not increasing his price and sitting on a holdout like Ezekiel Elliot. The answer is simple, Prescott doesn’t need to as he has enough money to leave the Cowboys anytime.

Endorsements and Insurance Money

Ads and Insurance Money

Prescott is financially much more stable and secured compared to the rest of NFL players. He has signed multiple endorsement deals and he earns more through them than the NFL salary with Cowboys. The biggest investment Dak has made is getting a loss of value insurance policy. It means if he is injured or doesn’t get a rich deal, he is bound to get insurance money for such situation.

If we add all such outside NFL deals, Prescott is earning nearly $50 million through them. There is no need to sit on holdout or do petty drama, as Prescott can wait for the Cowboys owner Jerry Jones to offer him a better deal.

Dak Prescott to Wait for a Big Deal

Dak Prescott can wait for Deal

Dak Prescott has no money issues, he is clear in his mind and it was seen during his performance against the Giants. The Cowboys quarterback was swift in his movement and was playing with full confidence. There is no need to hurry for a deal and Prescott can easily wait for NFL 2019 season to get over and get a much better deal.

The Cowboys are low on money right now due to the Ezekiel Elliot deal and hence they can’t afford Prescott for the current year. But if Prescott waits for some time, he can easily get one of the biggest quarterback deals in NFL from the Dallas Cowboys team.