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Dak Prescott slew the New York Giants in the season-opening match of Dallas Cowboys and proved his worth to the team. While Ezekiel Elliott got his contract extension deal before the Sunday game, Prescott will have to wait for some more time. There are also some rumors which state that the Cowboys could wait for the 2019 NFL regular season to get over and then offer a new deal to Prescott.

But with his recent performance, Dak has proved that they can’t keep him waiting. The agents of Dak Prescott were quick enough to raise his asking price which will make him the richest quarterback of NFL. The Cowboys are in serious trouble as they don’t have enough money and Dak Prescott can leave the team because he’s being too greedy.

Prescott is now the MVP of Cowboys

Prescott is MVP of Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys thought Ezekiel Elliott was their best player but we guess they were wrong. While Zeke just stayed on the sidelines, Dak Prescott was the hero of the Cowboys vs. Giants Sunday night game. Prescott rushed for 405 passing yards with four touchdowns and a perfect passing rating.

It was not just about the numbers he put on the board, his way of doing it was more amazing. Prescott was swift in his movements, there was not a single gesture to hint that he’s having troubles with his team. The Cowboys were more than happy to see him like this and even Jerry Jones commented that he can always get the job done to cross the ball to the other side of the line.

Dallas Cowboys can’t afford Dak Prescott

Cowboys cannot afford Prescott

Dak Prescott has shown that he’s the best quarterback for the Cowboys and no other NFL teams have a match for it. If Zeke was paid more for being important to the team, then Prescott is super important. Dallas Cowboys are aiming for the Super Bowl title and Prescott is right now the name that can achieve the dream.

It is obvious he will ask for a high price given how things have been happening in NFL right now. Antonio Brown has joined the Patriots which has made them further stronger. Dallas Cowboys is the only team which has a quarterback and running back duo that can give a tough fight to them. The case is simple, pay more to Prescott or he will go to some other team that offers him more money.