Ezekiel Elliot Deal Rumors

Ezekiel Elliot and Dallas Cowboys issue have taken a new twist with reports of a new blockbuster deal. As per the rumors, the Cowboys are offering one of the biggest deal to Elliot in the history of entire NFL. The whole thing took a serious turn when the Cowboys owner Jerry Jones insulted Elliot by saying, “Zeke, Who?” in front of the whole world.

The Cowboys coach Jason Garrett himself came forward to talk things out and handle the issue. While there were also rumors of the Cowboys cutting out Elliot, it seems they have realized his importance and change their minds. Cowboys have offered Elliot the biggest deal to repair the damage done when Jones insulted the player.

Biggest NFL Deal for Elliot

Biggest NFL Deal

The recent reports indicate that the Cowboys have offered Elliot a new deal which will make him the second-highest paid NFL running back. Leveon Ball deals with the New York Jets was worth $52.4 million for years, averaging at $13.125 per year.

Todd Gurley signed the highest deal with the Los Angeles Rams which have an average of $14.375 per year. Elliot will be getting between $35 million and $45 million guaranteed which makes his average between Ball and Gurley. It could be the biggest offer Zeke will ever get and there is no way he would decline it.

Repairing the Insult Damage

Repair the Damage

Cowboys coach and other members understand the importance of Elliot and hence offered him such a big deal. Zeke is just 24 years old and has become two times a Pro Bowler and All-Pro NFL member. He was leading the NFL stats in rushing for the years 2016 and 2018 along with other records. Elliot made 1,434 yards on 4.7 yards per carry, while also racking up 77 receptions for 567 yards.

There is no way the Cowboys will let Elliot go to some other team. Jerry Jones might understand only money but the other team member understand the game and hence offered such a lucrative deal to Elliot so that he forgets all about the insult and joins the Cowboys once again.