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NFL Rumors: Ezekiel Elliot Pressured Into Early Retirement by Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones

NFL Ezekiel Elliot Cowboys Jerry Jones

Ezekiel Elliot and Jerry Jones drama in Dallas Cowboys is not stopping at all and might get much serious soon. The Cowboys were trying to persuade Elliot for a deal extension, but he was asking for money. The frustrated team owner Jones got pissed off and mocked fun of Elliot by saying, ‘Deke, Who?’ in front of the media.

Elliot took the insult to heart and continued his holdout and missed the practice sessions. Cowboys coach Jason Garrett tried to make things better again and it looks like nothing will work now. Jerry Jones is a rich old man who might pressure Elliot into early retirement from the Cowboys.

Elliot and Jones Drama

NFL Jones and Elliot Drama

The whole drama could have ended earlier if Jerry Jones could have talked to Elliot and explain he was just joking. Nothing of that sort happened and now it is turning into a nightmare for the Dallas staff and other players. There are high chances that Jones take the whole issue on his ego as he believes that he owns Elliot and other team members of Cowboys.

On the other hand, the agent of Elliot has spoken out and said his client is very hurt on the whole matter. He kind of feel insulted and wants an apology otherwise he won’t resume playing for the Cowboys.

Will Cowboys retire Elliot?

NFL Dallas Cowboys Elliot could be Out

It sounds childish to let a player retire early but such things have happened in the NFL history. Jerry Jones is a rich man, he might even pay Elliot the money and still not let him play a single game in the NFL 2019 season. Dak Prescott is also on the holdout and the Cowboys can raise his contact and let him play to replace Elliot.

There are also chances that some other NFL teams try to sign Elliot and it can change the course of the whole drama. In the worst case, Jerry Jones goes full evil, pays Elliot his salary and make him sit on the bench through the whole season.

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