NFL Rumors: Actor Jamie Foxx Confirms Ezekiel Elliot Trade Deal with Dallas Cowboys?

    NFL Rumors Jamie Foxx Ezekiel Elliot Trade Deal Dallas Cowboys

    Ezekiel Elliott is holding out from Dallas Cowboys camp to get a better deal. It’s not about just him, even Dak Prescott and Amari Cooper are on the same boat and it’s making things problematic for the Cowboys. Jerry Jones, the owner of Cowboys has assured everyone that he will offer soon the top five contracts to the respective players.

    Elliott himself is making sure to stay in the limelight and has been working out at the Cabo San Lucas Mexico. Greg Jennings, the former Cowboys NFL star is confident in Jones that he will work out the deal soon. Along with Hollywood actor Jamie Foxx is also kind of confirming the Elliott deal with the Cowboys.

    Jamie Foxx on Elliot Deal

    Jamie Foxx Comments

    One might wonder how Jamie Foxx is associated with football and that too with the Cowboys team. For those who don’t know, Foxx player the part of American cornerback Willie Beamon in a football-based film called Any Given Sunday. During the shooting, the actor spent time at the Cowboys camp in Oxnard, California.

    It seems that Foxx got to know a lot of things and also learned about the future deals of Cowboys with the three players. Foxx said that he can give his word that all the deals are worked out and will become official soon.

    Possible options for Ezekiel Elliot

    Deal Options for Elliot

    The fact is even Ezekiel Elliott doesn’t have many options and needs to make a decision soon. He will lose a lot if he doesn’t get back to any of the teams before the NFL 2019 season starts. Elliott may end up playing several penalties and fines like $40,000 per day or more.

    Dallas Cowboys are not happy with the things going on and needs to settle everything as soon as possible. The quicker it gets their players back, the soon they can start training camp. NFL 2019 season is near and the Cowboys needs to prepare strongly for that.


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