Dallas Cowboys are trading Ezekiel Elliot and want the upper hand in the deal negotiations. It is why they are hyping up their other players and showing it to the NFL circles they will be fine without Elliot. Since running back are not that crucial in American Football, the Cowboys are looking for a replacement before making any deals.

Tony Pollard is currently their best option and they need to make sure he stands on their beliefs. It is the main reason why the whole Elliot deal holdout depends on Pollard and his performance. James Conner played when Le’Veon Bell left the Pittsburgh Steelers and Pollard needs to do the same. If that happens, the Cowboys can ask for a much higher price for Elliot and hence they are all praise for Pollard.

Cowboys praising Pollard

NFL Tony Pollard Praise

Jerry Jones, the owner of Dallas Cowboys himself has spoken about Tony Pollard and his value to the team. Normally, NFL teams don’t promote their rookie players so that they stay in check and doesn’t get an ego. But Jones is already praising Tony Pollard, whom they got in the fourth round of NFL 2019 draft picks.

In reality, Pollard is kind of an average player with just four carries for 16 yards in the preseason games. The reality is that the Cowboys passed on Pollard two times before picking up defensive tackle Trysten Hill and guard Connor McGovern. It is why the Cowboys knows what Pollard can do and are trying to hype him up so that he can be their main running back in absence of Ezekiel Elliot.

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Better offers for Elliot

NFL trade Elliot Deals

Ezekiel Elliot trade deal is slowly becoming a headache for the Cowboys as they can’t make a decision. There are so many players in the Dallas team and limited money in their cap space. It is tough to decide which players should they retain and which one to trade out.

Elliot has still two years remaining on his contract with Dallas Cowboys and they will only trade him out if they get a better deal. It is the reason why Jones is reminding other NFL teams to offer some big amounts for Elliot. Along with that, Tony Pollard doing good in the next few games is also essential for the Cowboys.