Dallas Cowboys are trying their best to convince Ezekiel Elliot to sign a contract extension with them. The deal is getting more and more complicated with time as things are not working out well with Elliot. The 24-year-old running back has missed the entire training camp and might even not play in the last two NFL preseason games.

The whole thing got worse when the Cowboys owner Jerry Jones insulted Elliot by saying, ‘Zeke, who?’ at the Sunday game. Ezekiel is called as Zeke in the Cowboys and the sting at him is not taken well. There are high chances that Elliot misses out the whole year and the Cowboys are trying to cover for their mistakes.

Cowboys trying to Cover their Mistake

Ezekiel Elliot Rumors Cowboys Deal

Jason Garrett, the head coach of Cowboys himself has to come forward to handle the whole Ezekiel Elliot issue. He informed the media that things are positive with Elliot and he would be soon on the team for the practice sessions. Garrett also spoke about Elliot and how they love him as he was feeling disrespected after Jerry Jones insulted him.

Zeke is an important part of our team and we all love him. We love him as a guy and a player and he loves football. We trust him and will give him enough time to get ready physically and emotionally. He knows what he’s doing and sometimes things up and we know how to deal with it.

Elliot can be replaced by Tony Pollard

Cowboys Deal Replaced by Tony Pollard

Elliot is ready to sign a new contract with the Cowboys side but he is asking for money for a new deal. Dallas Cowboys currently have two years and $12.9 million remaining with Elliot. The Cowboys are in no hurry for a deal as the rookie replacement Tony Pollard is doing fine in the team.

Pollard had 42 yards and a touchdown on five attempts in the Dallas as they won 14-10 against the Los Angeles Rams in the preseason game. Elliot has always been leading the Cowboys as a running back and they had a 28-12 record with him in the last NFL season.

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