Dallas Cowboys Contract Ezekiel Elliot Jerry Jones

Ezekiel Elliot is now getting a huge amount of salary by the Dallas Cowboys in a new contract extension deal. It sounds surprising but it is exactly the Cowboys have planned to do. After the whole fiasco of Cowboys owner insulting Jerry Jones, the reports about a new deal are coming out. The Cowboys understands the importance of Zeke and hence offered him a lucrative contract to get him back.

While the whole thing looks simple, there could be some hidden motives behind the new deal. Jerry Jones is now paying around $57 million to Elliot after making fun of him in front of the whole world. The whole thing could be an evil trap to get Elliot in the team and not let him play a single match.

Second Highest RB Contract

Cowboys Contract to Ezekiel Elliot second highest deal

Ezekiel Elliot would become the second most valuable running back in the history of NFL once the deal is done. LeVeon Bell is getting $13.1 million per year by the Jets and Todd Gurley is getting $14.4 million per year by the Rams. There is no exact figure around, but reports indicated that Elliot would get something in the middle for Gurley and Bell numbers.


Before this deal, Deke was just about to get $3.9 million in base salary and hence he went on the holdout and asked for money. While the Cowboys used the fifth-year option by paying $9.1 million in 2020, Elliot is much more valuable than it.

Deal or Trap?

Cowboys Contract to Ezekiel Elliot Deal or Trap

Dallas Cowboys first acting tough and threatening to replace Elliot by the rookie Tony Pollard and then offering a blockbuster deal sounds very fishy. Jerry Jones could have covered the whole, “Deke, Who?” issue by saying it was a joke but he held on to his ego.

Now all of a sudden there is a change of heart and he has offered a deal so good even Elliot would not have imagined it. There are high chances that all this is a ploy to trap Elliot in the Cowboys and then do whatever they want with him. Although it sounds like a movie plot, things like this have happened in the NFL many times.