NFL: Ezekiel Elliot Salary Issues Can Put The Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl Dreams on Hold

    NFL Ezekiel Elliot Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl

    Ezekiel Elliot and Dallas Cowboys have come to terms and a deal will be made soon. It sounds so nice and we are hearing it for the past few days but there is no progress on the whole issue between Elliot and the Cowboys. There are some reports which state the two parties have settled on an agreement, while a few of them implies things are getting worse.

    Zeke is sitting on a holdout since the last month in hopes of a better deal. It is no doubt that he won’t get a raise, but things got complicated after Dallas owner Jerry Jones insulted the running back. Now Zeke and his representatives are asking for the highest running back salary and the Cowboys can’t risk the Super Bowl title without him.

    Cowboys are under Pressure

    NFL Ezekiel Elliot Dallas Super Bowl Cowboys are under Pressure

    Elliot sitting on a holdout was normal and things could have proceeded smoothly with a simple contract raise. The Cowboys were even ready to offer him the second-highest RB deal which was around $13-$14 million per year. But Jerry Jones couldn’t keep his mouth shut and constantly made fun of Elliot.

    First, Jones insulted him by saying, “Zeke, who?” and then he announced that Elliot will miss the regular season games. The whole thing backfired as fans and other team members of Cowboys are in full support of Ezekiel. It has put a lot of pressure on the Dallas Cowboys team and they have to offer him a new deal soon or it will be bad for their public image.

    Elliot and Super Bowl Dreams

    Super Bowl Dreams for Cowboys

    Dallas Cowboys is looking strong for this NFL season and there are high chances they might make it to the finals. It has been 23 years since the Cowboys lifted the Super Bowl title and they have an opening now. Cowboys have Dak Prescott, Amari Cooper and Ezekiel Elliot which makes them the best offensive side in NFL.

    Zeke has been leading the rushing yards and is one of the best running back in town. The Cowboys knows how badly they need Elliot if they want to make a run for Super Bowl. It is the reason why Elliot will offer a deal soon, but the terms have to be clear so that Dallas wastes their cap space money for nothing.


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