NFL Dallas Cowboys Ezekiel Elliot

Dallas Cowboys are looking strong for the 2019 NFL Season and have high chances of making it to the playoffs. Even the Super Bowl 2020 odds for Cowboys are in their favor. It could go all wrong if the Dallas team can’t get its main star Ezekiel Elliott back to the roster. The drama between Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and Elliott is well known and it’s taking new twists each day.

First, Jones insulted Zeke, then offered him the second-highest running back deal which he declined. Now it looks like the Cowboys may not offer anything to Zeke at all and kind of indirectly fired him. Cowboys got the money but they won’t offer anything to Elliott as it’s not worth the risk.

Zeke is asking for Too much Money

Dallas Cowboys Ezekiel Elliot salary

Ezekiel Elliott has been the main force behind the Cowboys offense and is one of the best RB in whole NFL. Zeke is an All-Pro and has been leading the league in rushing for the last two years. It is the main reason why his agents are forcing the Dallas team owners to pay him much more than his initial rookie deal.

Most of the reports say Zeke asked for a four year, $69 million deal to the Cowboys side. It makes him the highest-paid running back with a salary of $17.25 million per year. It is almost 20% higher than Todd Gurley who currently holds the tag of highest-paid running back. Dallas Cowboys feels the sum is too much and are thinking not to pay Elliott anymore.

High Risk for Super Bowl 2020

NFL Dallas Cowboys Ezekiel Elliot Too much dependence on Zeke

It is not simply about the money as there are so many factors involved. There are other names in Cowboys such as Dak Prescott and Amari Cooper who can also ask for a raise if Ezekiel Elliott is paid more money. It would also risk the future cap space of Cowboys team as in case Elliott is injured, they won’t be able to afford any replacement players.

Zeke is simply not worth the risk, Super Bowl title is a hard thing to win. There is no guarantee that with Zeke in the team the Cowboys will win the next NFL title. The clock is ticking and the Cowboys owner Jerry Jones needs to make up his mind soon.