Ezekiel Elliott and Dallas Cowboys will come to some sort of deal agreement as the NFL 2019 season is about to start. The latest rumors suggest that the two sides have come to an agreement and a deal can be made soon. But the problem is not with the deal, it is more related to the future performance of Zeke as Cowboys move forward in the next NFL season.

Fantasy football draft will finally come to fruition and fans are confused where to put Zeke. He is one of the best running back in the whole NFL and top 5 picks is obvious for him. But the whole issue with Cowboys and asking to be the highest-paid RB can complicate things. Zeke can be a risky name to draft in the fantasy football league in case his deal with Dallas team doesn’t work out.

Elliot is too much of a Risk

NFL Ezekiel Elliot Dallas Cowboys Fantasy Football League is a big risk

Fantasy football owners are really confused as to where to put Ezekiel Elliott in their rankings. 2019 NFL season is going to be one hell of a ride for everyone as Zeke can lead the Cowboys to a Super Bowl victory.

No one knows where to draft Zeke as even the Cowboys side don’t know whether he will play with them or not. Jerry Jones has gone to length and said that in case of things doesn’t work out, they are ready for Elliott to miss the regular season games.

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Ranking in Fantasy Football Draft

NFL Ezekiel Elliot Dallas Cowboys Fantasy Football League Fantasy Rankings

Let us all assume the Dallas Cowboys team and Elliott settles on some sort of deal and he plays the regular season with his full focus. Saquon Barkley from New York Giants is currently the No. 1 pick in fantasy football draft by the most of the analysts. Dallas has a much better offense than New York and Zeke can easily beat Barkley given his team probably won’t make it to the playoffs.

Alvin Kamara from Saints and Christian McCaffrey from Panthers are also no match for Ezekiel in terms of average and experience. One can’t miss picking Zeke in their fantasy football team as he is too valuable. All we could hope is that Cowboys realizes his importance and a deal is made soon.

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