Dak Prescott Jerry Jones New Contract

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is always giving controversial statements which then lands everyone in trouble. First, he made fun of Ezekiel Elliot by saying, “Zeke, Who?” after which they have to offer him a huge deal. After that, Cowboys fans were waiting for Dak Prescott to get a new deal and it didn’t happen even after the Week 1 Sunday game.

Prescott played the most important part in Cowboys vs Giants game where the team won with a 35-17 score. Jerry Jones was impressed and said that a new deal with Prescott is imminent. It is almost the start of Week 2 and yet Prescott has not been offered any contract extension and Jones cleared it by saying his words may have been taken out of context.

Jerry Jones explains his Statement

Jerry Jones explains his statement

Jerry Jones recently appeared on the 105.3 The Fan radio interview where he explained his statement regarding the contract deal of Dak Prescott. The 76-years-old Cowboys owner cleared the air and said that words can be taken out of context many times. Jones said “[Imminent] means ready to take place, close, near, about to happen – those types of things” and not urgent.

It will take time till both the parties agree on a mutual decision and everyone will be paid their worth. He also explained that there might be a difference between what he says and what Prescott says as both could have different perspectives. In conclusion, Jones realized that he had spoken something which can’t be done and hence decided to take a U-turn from his statement.

Dak Prescott raises his Price after Week 1 Game

Prescott wants more Money

The real reason Jerry Jones is going back to his words is Dak Prescott and his performance in the first game. Prescott was so good in the game against the Giants that he proved he deserves a raise. The Cowboys signed Ezekiel Elliot for a $90 million, six-year deal even though he is just a running back.

Prescott is the franchise quarterback of Cowboys and he will be paid much more compared to Zeke. There are reports that Prescott rejected the $30 million per year offer from the Cowboys side. It is also said that after the season opener Prescott raised his price from $34 million to $40 million annually and the Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is now clueless.