NBA free agency 2019 has started and some of the biggest names have made deals which had left everyone in splits. After so many days of speculating, the results are finally out. While most of the rumors turned out to be true, there a few exceptions too.

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Most of the NBA teams have spent their cap space money, and a few are still holding out, waiting for the storm to get clear. The trade deals have started the first half of the free agency, while the deals will be made official on July 6. Here are the free agency deals for the top NBA players and how it will affect the next NBA season.

Kevin Durant signs with Brooklyn Nets

Kevin Durant NBA free agency trade deal

The free agency started with the shocking news of Kevin Durant signing with the Brooklyn Nets. Earlier, it was reported that Durant will go with the New York Knicks, but it was proved wrong. In a massive, four-year deal at $164 million, an injured Durant signed up with the Nets. Although Durant will miss most of the NBA 2018-19 season, he will be back as the finals start to win a title for the Brooklyn Nets.

Kyrie Irving in the Brooklyn Nets

Kyrie Irving NBA free agency trade deal

One of the trade deals which was almost confirmed has now been turned into an official deal. Kyrie Irving signed a four-year deal with the Brooklyn Nets for $141 million. With Durant and Irving in their team, the Nets look solid and have a strong claim for the NBA 2020 finals. The Nets have spent too much and now had to let a few players go to manage the cap space.

Jimmy Butler signs with Miami Heat

Jimmy Butler NBA free agency trade deal

As the latest reports were suggesting, Jimmy Butler signed a deal with the Miami Heat. Butler signed up for a four-year deal at $142 million with the Miami team. It is a win-win for both, as Butler needed the worth for his talent and the Miami Heat team got a world-class player. As a part of the deal, Miami Heat will trade out Josh Richardson in exchange for Butler.

D’Angelo Russel goes to the Warriors

D'Angelo Russel NBA free agency trade deal

As the Brooklyn Nets made two big deals in the form of Durant and Irving, they had to let their star D’Angelo Russel walk away. The Golden State Warriors got Russel from the Nets for four-year, $117 million deal.  The contract also had an exchange for the NBA 2015 MVP Andre Iguodala to the Nets for taking in Russel. With Durant leaving the team, the Warriors needed someone to support Stephen Curry. At the same time, D’Angelo Russel can help the Warriors to make a solid team.

Klay Thompson re-signs with Warriors

Klay Thompson NBA free agency trade deal

The Golden State Warriors tried their best to save their team, and make a solid squad for the next NBA finals. It is the main reason they tried their best to re-sign Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson. With Durant gone, the Warriors had no option other than to offer Thompson a max deal. The Warriors re-signed Klay by offering him a five-year max contract for $190 million. The ACL surgery of Thompson will take some months to heal, and until then the money is just wasted.

Kemba Walker signs with Boston Celtics

Kemba Walker NBA free agency trade deal

The Boston Celtics had a gap to fill after Kyrie Irving left the team and signed with the Brooklyn Nets. The Celtics took no time and signed a four-year deal with Kemba Walker by offering him a $141 million contract. As per the experts, Walker will prove to be a much better team player, as compared to Irving. Walker has been selected continuous 3 times as an All-Star NBA player. Also, Kemba Walker is very humble in the locker room, something which Kyrie Irving lacked in the Celtics.

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