NBA Warriors Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson trade deal

The Golden State Warriors are trying their best to keep their team together. With Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson and DeMarcus Cousins entering free agency, the Warriors are in a lot of trouble. The Dubs team has continuously made to the NBA finals for the last 5 years due to their strong player combination.

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There is no way, the Warriors team would let it go so easily. There are new deal plans being made in the Warriors team to lure their players back. The team will do anything, pay as much as it can, even overspend if it means getting the team together. Here are the possible trade deals that the Golden State Warriors can make in free agency.

Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson Deals

Kevin and Klay NBA Warriors trade deal

Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson are two of the biggest players for the Warriors team. Both of them are injured and have turned into free agency, which has increased the trouble for the Warriors. But the recent reports state that the Warriors will do anything to get them back. They are not thinking in the short term, they want a strong team for NBA 2020 finals.

It is why despite both Durant and Thompson not being able to play since next year, they are ready to re-sign them. As per the estimated trade reports, the Warriors will offer both the players a max five-year deal. Kevin Durant will be offered $221 million and Klay Thompson will be offered a $190 million deal. While Thompson may readily accept the offer, there are still doubts on Durant joining the Warriors back once again.

Possible alternatives for Kevin Durant

Cousins deal NBA Warriors trade

The Warriors are also planning to re-sign Kevon Looney, which will make their total spending around $375 million. It would make the total luxury tax spending to be around $200 million, which means a lot of trouble in the future. But at the same time, if the Warriors are able to sign in Durant, it gives them a $36.7 million trade exception.

The Warriors are focusing on this extra money to sign in more players for the next season of the NBA. Ultimately if the Warriors can’t get Kevin Durant back, they will have to sign DeMarcus Cousins for a max deal. Everything is now done keeping in mind about the next NBA finals, and the Warriors will need every player it can get for this to happen.