NBA trade Kevin Durant Klay Thompson Golden State Warriors Free Agent

Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson have become one of the biggest problems for the Golden State Warriors. Both the star players are injured and want to go to free agency, which has made Warriors management very much troubled. While the Dubs team doesn’t want to let Durant and Thompson let go, they can’t even find a better deal.

Kevin Durant has already undergone the surgery for his ruptured Achilles tendon, and Klay Thompson will undergo ACL surgery this week. Both of them have made up their minds to enter the free agency, and there is no stopping them. Here is what the Warriors team is planning and some possible deals they can offer.

The meeting doesn’t mean a deal

Steve Kerr meeting NBA Trade Kevin Durant Klay Thompson Golden State Warriors

Steve Kerr, the former NBA player and head coach of Golden State Warriors, is trying his best in the matter. As of right now, a meeting is arranged with both Durant and Thompson at the end of this week. By the looks of it, the meeting is more of a formality, rather than a deal offer.

There’s no recruiting process going on. We are not doing any kind of promotional videos or tours of the city. It’s just a  ‘We want you guys back in the team and we hope you decide to come back soon’…You just got to do what you got to do, but with our group, it’s just — conversation.

Klay Thompson over Kevin Durant

NBA trade Kevin Durant Klay Thompson Golden State Warriors

While Kevin Durant will take a minimum of a year or more to heal, Klay Thompson will back on the court at the start of the next year. It has made the Warriors rethink their offer, and maybe they could change their plans. A deal for Durant will result in an additional payment of $50 million, where he won’t even play for a year.

On the other hand, a five-year max deal with Thompson at $190 million is a smart choice. The Warriors knows this very well and can shock everyone by picking Klay over Kevin. There are very fewer chances that the Warriors will re-sign Kevin Durant, given they have better options.