NBA free agents Kevin Durant Kyrie Irving Kawhi Leonard Klay Thompson

With most of the big names turned to free agent this year,  June 29 will mark the beginning of the new deals. Some of the free agents will change their teams while others are trying to get a better deal from the same team. Here are the possible new teams for Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, Kawhi Leonard, and Klay Thompson.

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NBA draft pickups are over without any major deals other than the Lakers taking in Anthony Davis from the Pelicans. It has now made the wait for the free agency deals more interesting. Most of the NBA teams have saved their money, as they want to spend big on the free agency.

Kevin Durant – Knicks

Kevin Durant NBA free agents

Kevin Durant, despite having an injured Achilles tendon, is one of the most sought NBA free agents. Every team knows his value and thinks it is worth to pay for a year where he will not even play and just recover. While all the other teams could offer him a four year deal of $164 million, the Warriors has an option of max five-year deal. Durant always wanted to go with the New York Knicks, but his injury has made everything complicated.

Kyrie Irving – Nets

Kyrie Irving NBA free agents

Kyrie Irving is one of those players who is leaving his team Boston Celtics, not for money, but a better group. Irving was the only good performing member of the Celtics, while the rest of the team was useless. It made Kyrie turn into free agency, and he will probably go to Brooklyn Nets. Along with that, he is also trying to convince his friend Kevin Durant to join him, as he doesn’t want history to repeat.

Kawhi Leonard – Clippers

Kawhi Leonard NBA free agents

Kawhi Leonard, the MVP of 2019 NBA finals is looking to change his team, despite the Raptors offering everything they can. The fact is that Leonard always wanted to go back to the States and back to his hometown, Los Angeles. It is why the rumors hint that Kawhi Leonard will join the LA Clippers, as they are the perfect fit for him.

Klay Thompson – Warriors

Klay Thompson NBA free agents

Kevin Durant always overshadows Klay Thompson in the Golden State Warriors team. There have been some reports that Thompson will join the LA Lakers, the team in which his father used to play. But given he is still yet to have his ACL surgery, Klay Thompson most likely will re-sign with the Golden State Warriors.