NBA trade Kevin Durant Warriors Knicks

Kevin Durant’s free agency looms over his, and his franchise the Golden State Warriors’ head. The decision is just days away, and recent reports suggest that the team and the player may opt for a ‘unique’ solution that would soothe all parties.

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Game 5 of the NBA Finals was quite bittersweet for the Golden State Warriors. Although they did win away from home, Kevin Durant’s Achilles tendon tear put a damper on the win. Now, we know that the Warriors star will be out for the whole of next season. And when he does come back, who knows what shape he will be in.

A deal that benefits all three parties

According to ESPN’s Brian Windhorst, if Durant makes it clear that he wishes to leave, the Warriors may be open to a unique solution.

The Warriors are considering resigning Kevin Durant for a full, max five year contract. Durant will be allowed to do his rehab with them. And then, if he wishes to leave, he will be allowed to leave to the team he wishes to play for. Going this route will allow the Warriors a return for Durant instead of getting nothing when he leaves for a free. And Durant himself will be able to land more money- $57 more to be exact.

NBA trade Kevin Durant Warriors Knicks

In short- Durant will get his big pay, the Knicks will get Durant, and the Warriors won’t lose Durant for nothing. The deal works for all three parties.

A “delayed” sign-and-trade for Durant

Brian Windhorst called the situation unique, and termed the solution a “delayed” sign-and-trade. Such a move, if it does happen, will be quite unprecedented in the NBA.

NBA trade Kevin Durant Warriors Knicks

The only party with something to lose in the deal are the Knicks, who will have to trade some assets to get Durant in this scenario. But they are in no position to be picky- a chance to sign a talent like Durant doesn’t come along very often.