The free agency looms over the Warriors’ NBA Finals hero Klay Thompson. And in order to secure his services for the next few years, the Golden State Warriors are reportedly moving quickly and are willing to offer the shooting guard a five-year max contract extension.

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Now that the NBA Finals are wrapped up, it is time for the Warrior management to look at the problems and find the fix for them. And two of the biggest issues that immediately crop up are the free agency of Klay Thompson and Kevin Durrant.

Klay Thompson will become a free agent soon, father confirms a new deal with Golden State Warriors

NBA Trade rumor Klay Thompson Golden State Warriors

Klay Thompson will be a free agent come offseason, and there have already been reports of a demand for a max contract from his side. There also has been reported interest in the sharpshooter from the Atalanta Hawks, but the latest reports point towards the 29-year-old extending his stay at the Warriors.

The source is a reliable one- Klay Thompson’s father Mychal Thompson himself. The father was cited saying there is “no doubt” that his son would sign with the Warriors. He even added that the Warriors were offering him a five-year max deal.

In fact, Mychal was so confident that he even went on to say that Klay would retire as a Warrior.

NBA Trade rumor Klay Thompson Golden State Warriors

Mychal also revealed that he heard his son and Kevin Durrant talking about their injuries in the locker room. According to Mychal, they were encouraging each other to come back stronger and also talked about some “unfinished business”. Mychal, respecting the pair’s privacy, did not want to disclose anything further. However, the very mention of unfinished business is quite interesting. Perhaps there is still hope that the Warriors manage to make them both stay and come back stronger next season.