Boston Celtics are having a bad season, with getting eliminated earlier from playoffs to losing their best player. Kyrie Irving from Celtics has turned to free agency and is one of the top names in demand for next season. Another of their player Al Horford is also planning to turn into a free agent, which has Boston very weak for next season.

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The only possible option left with them is to trade more of their players, clear some cap space, and get new star players. If the Celtics let Terry Rozier go as an unrestricted free agent, they would have around $34 million to spend. D’Angelo Russel and Malcolm Brogdon are the names the Celtics want, and here is how a deal can be made.

D’Angelo Russell and Malcolm Brogdon

D’Angelo Russell and Malcolm Brogdon NBA Trade rumours

The Boston can’t replace Kyrie Irving with a single player, and it will be hard for someone to take his place. The Brooklyn Nets have decided to sign Kyrie Irving for a max contract and let D’Angelo Russel walk away as a free agent. Even the Milwaukee Bucks wants Khris Middleton, and would probably let Malcolm Brogdon go to some other team.

Brogdon performed very well with an average of 15.6 points per game and the rare club of 50/40/90 class in the last season. As per the recent reports, the Celtics want the Russel-Brogdon due to play for them in the next NBA season.

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Exchange with Brooklyn Nets

New York Knicks v Boston Celtics Kyrie Irving NBA trade news

It is highly possible that the Boston Celtics and the Brooklyn Nets can make an unofficial deal before the draft. Kyrie Irving has a history of knee injuries and is also four years older than D’Angelo Russel.

It would be smart of the Nets to exchange Russel and Irving from the Celtics, instead of paying a high price. By doing so, the Brooklyn Nets can also sign Kevin Durant, with the money saved. Even the Boston Celtics would benefit from it and could make a trade to get Nikola Vucevic.