Kyrie Irving NBA trade rumors LA Lakers Knicks

Kyrie Irving has become one of the hottest free agents in demand, despite his team Boston Celtics getting eliminated in early playoffs. While the Celtics lost to the Milwaukee Bucks and were kicked out of the playoffs, Irving played very well in the match. Kyrie Irving has an amazing stat record and due to Celtics not doing good, he has turned into a free agent.

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Earlier, it was confirmed that Irving will go to the Brooklyn Nets. But the recent incidents suggest that there are other possibilities also possible for Irving. Here is how Kyrie Irving can join the LA Lakers or the NY Knicks.

LA Lakers – LeBron James

Irving James duo NBA Trade news

From a long time, it was speculated that Kyrie Irving will go to the Los Angeles Lakers for the NBA 2019-20 season. All such reports were rubbed away when a feud between the Lakers legend LeBron James and Kyrie Irving came to public. It was believed that James is the reason why Irving will never join the Lakers team.

But the recent happenings indicate that the two NBA stars have talked on the phone and solved everything between them. James and Irving and are now friends again, and the duo can play for the Los Angeles team in the next NBA season.

NY Knicks – Kevin Durant

Irving Durant duo NBA Trade news

It is common knowledge that Kyrie Irving will join the Brooklyn Nets, but he wants a good partner. It is the main reason why Irving has tried to convince Kevin Durant to come to play with him for the Nets. While Kevin Durant is very much interested in the offer, he is trying to do the opposite.

Some new reports indicated that Kevin Durant has discussed the possibilities of both of them joining the Knicks. The New York Knicks is revamping their team and has a lot of money, the Kevin-Kyrie duo can be the stars for the team in NBA 2019-20.