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Kyrie Irving, Kawhi Leonard, and Kevin Durant are the top three free agents of this NBA season, and every team wants them. Kawhi Leonard might rejoin Raptors to get the same winning team combination or go with the LA Clippers. While Kevin Durant has ruptured his Achilles Tendon, and his future is uncertain.

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It leaves everyone with Kyrie Irving, who was one of the best players of last NBA season, even though his team Boston Celtics didn’t do well. It is made clear by Irving that he will leave Boston Celtics for a better team and most of the reports say it will be the Brooklyn Nets. The latest reports are saying that Irving is also trying to convince Kevin Durant to join the Nets instead of the Knicks so that the duo can finally play together.

What is Kyrie Irving Planning?

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Kyrie Irving is in demand for his excellent performance, but his team Boston Celtics has one of the worst team winning ratio. He very well knows that there is no point in making individual efforts if your basketball team is still losing. It is why Kyrie Irving wants to team with other best individual players so that his NBA team can win in the next season.

The Brooklyn Nets knows this fact, and it is why they are clearing enough cap space to get both Irving and Durant duo. Meanwhile, the New York Knicks are also aware of the fact, and they want Durant to convince Irving to join them.

How can New York Knicks get them?

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One of the other possibilities includes both Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving join the New York Knicks. If somehow Durant refuses to go into the Nets, mainly because they won’t be able to afford him. It leaves Kyrie Irving with the choice to stay as a solo star in the Nets or join Knicks with Durant. Given how even the Brooklyn Nets has no use for a single Kyrie Irving, even they would prefer Leonard and Tobias Harry duo for their team.